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Pupil premium offer

A total of 34% of pupils at Woodside recover pupil premium funding. This funding is used to ensure that pupil premium pupils achieve in line with their peers nationally. Please click on the attachment at the bottom of the page for a break down of pupil premium spending in 2013-14.

As we look to expand educational opportunities for our pupil premium pupils, we are now targeting additional curriculum areas. One of the most exciting introductions are scholarships for our Gifted and Talented pupils. Through these scholarships, Woodside will sponsor clubs and lessons for pupils who show exceptional talent, giving them the opportunity to fully realise their potential. These include:

  • External cricket club
  • Fencing and other sports coaching sessions
  • Piano, violin, cello and guitar lessons
  • Art workshops
  • Dance and drama workshops

For parents of pupil premium children we also offer discounts on all academy services, such as uniform, educational trips and external lesson providers.

We have funded additional teachers in every year group to provide 2 qualified teachers in over 40% of classes, as well as an additional 100 hours per week of small group lessons for pupil premium pupils of all levels.

At Woodside we believe our role is to ensure that all pupils can realise their potential, and pupil premium funding helps us to provide opportunities to do so.