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Prizes & Rewards

What reward system is in place at the school for attendance? 


Attendance Assembly – Head of School and year group celebrate the pupils with 100% attendance.

Each child with 100% attendance for the week is applauded and one child from each class is entered into a lucky dip prize draw. Pupils suggest what others can do to improve their attendance. 

The Attendance Lead will alert the class (one in each year group) with the highest attendance that week (96%+) with a surprise visit to the class. This is known as the attendance officer’s weekly ‘Hot Spot’. The class will be given a reward. They also receive the site attendance cup for the week. 

End of Half Term-Children are currently rewarded with a T-shirt if they have 100% attendance for the half-term. 

End of the year – The class with the highest number of pupils in Green, (96%+ and above) these pupils will receive a class prize / trip. 

Well done calls, texts and post cards will be sent to parents and pupils when improvements have been seen throughout the year.