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Welcome to the Woodside PSHE page!


PSHE is all about personal, social, health and economic education where we develop knowledge, skills and understanding to lead healthy, independent and confident lives as we grow up.


In these sessions, we are going to learn about ‘Expressing Yourself’ which is incredibly important during these difficult times of being in lockdown. There are a lot of fun activities, for example the ‘Squiggle Game’, Identity Heart, ‘The Feelings Catcher’ and setting your own expressive and creative challenge. There are also two story time videos based on ‘Expressing Yourself’ and how that makes us feel. 


Also, on Friday 5th February you can ‘Dress to Express’ and wear colourful clothes etc to express how you’re feeling!


Don’t forget to show how you’ve ‘Expressed Yourself’ with your family, friends and teachers on Microsoft Teams!