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Nursery 2 Years

Topic overview – 2 year olds

Nursery Rhymes

Our topic this half term is Nursery Rhymes. We will be focusing on one rhyme per week and will focus on the following rhymes:-

  • Leo the lion,
  • 10 little apples
  • The Wheels on the bus
  • Twinkle Twinkle little star.


In addition to rhyme time we support children’s development by providing:-

  • Opportunities to play and develop self-confidence and relationships with their peers (PSED)
  • Props to support children’s understanding of stories and rhymes  (CAL)
  • Placing children into smaller groups for story and rhyme time encouraging them to express their own individual preferences  by choosing stories to read and rhymes to sing  (PSED)
  • Modelling the actions to rhymes and encouraging children to join in with the actions  (PD)
  • Providing stimulating indoor and outdoor activities for children to enjoy role play, messy play, small world play, and construction, creative and exploratory play.