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Reach 2

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Learning council

This is an exciting new development for Woodside that will provide our leadership team with insight on the barriers that our pupils face in terms of preventing good learning behaviour. The academy agrees that there is a significant need for pupils to improve their learning behaviour. We also recognise that this improved behaviour must lead to good progress in lessons.

The aim of the Learning Council is to make children at school more aware of what good learning and what good learning behaviour looks like. The learning council is made up from 2 pupils from each year group from Y2 – Y6 and represents children from a wide range of the community. These pupils are chosen by each Year group Leader in conjunction with their team.

Our learning council focuses on how pupils are learning in lessons. They assess lessons with the leadership team, talk with pupils during lessons, review pupil books, and talk with teachers.

This evidence supports the leadership team in developing good strategies to ensure pupils learn throughout the whole school.

The council gives a robust monthly update on how pupils' behaviour is impacting on progress and the steps the academy is taking to improve this.


Role of the Learning Council

  • Promote the Woodside 7 Life Values
  • Improve class environment
  • Promote good/outstanding learning
  • Ensure learning is interactive and challenging

The Learning Council will:

  • Develop ‘Pupil Voice’ definitions of the 7 life values to contribute to the school contract
  • Take part in learning walks/lesson observations in their year groups and will take part in discussing the way forward. They will make pupil recommendations based on evidence and discussion
  • Visit other classes / other ReaCH2 schools
  • Observe lessons/ learning walk from child’s point of view (learning and learning behaviour)
  • Survey pupil’s views about learning
  • Comment on resources available
  • Comment /make recommendations for the classroom environment


Our Learning Behaviour Council is formed of:

Year 3: Koraay Kocer and Meriem Beyouncef

Year 4: Esmond Atiemo and Vasti Massala-Smart

Year 5: Mia-Jane Ferguson and Yassir Tairi

Year 6: Sabrina Benadok and Yousuf Hussain


Meeting summaries:

Summer 1, 2015 - Meeting One: In the first meeting of the Woodside Learning Behaviour Council, pupils input their ideas into the home-school agreements. This is an important new document for us at Woodside which is signed by every pupil, their parent and the head teacher. The agreement signifies that we are all working together towards the same goals. The Council created the Pupil Voice section, which will be part of our important document for years to come!


Summer 2, 2015 - Meeting Two: In the second meeting, the Woodside Learning Behaviour Council discussed exactly what learning behaviour is, and what constitutes good learning behaviour. See details in the document below called 'What is learning behaviour'.

The pupils also designed a pupil observation sheet which they will use during lessons. They have been timetabled in to see what works well in lessons, and what would make them even better. They will observe using the good learning behaviour criteria which they have come up with. They will do it within their own year group, alongside Miss Heath (Head of School).

They will then report back as a team to their year group. They will provide their peers with developmental feedback, and tell them which learning behaviours they would like to see more of.