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Welcome to Woodside’s Geography Virtual Holiday Experience!


If you enjoy experiencing different cultures as much as I do, you are going to absolutely LOVE this video, taking you on an unforgettable experience around the globe.
Your virtual holiday experience offers you: An airplane experience taking you to your first destination of Paris in France, where we take a trip up the famous landmark, the Eiffel Tower! We then go all the way to Africa to the beautiful country of South Africa where we go on a real life safari ride, seeing exotic animals along the way! From there, we go all the way over to Sydney, Australia, where we see the beautiful Sydney Opera house, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and we may even get lucky enough to spot some Koala bears and Kangaroos! From there, we go to the United States of America to visit the White House and we may have a special surprise in store for you here! We then travel a short distance to New York where we take a short boat ride over to the Statue of Liberty and we travel all the way to the top of the Empire State Building! I hope you aren't afraid of heights! We end our trip with a trip to Mumbai, India, where we see the colourful and diverse culture of Indian traditions, as well as the stunning Taj Mahal. 


Listen carefully to your tour guide, who will be sharing information about each destination along the way. There is a quiz for you to complete when you are finished with your experience!

Link to quiz:


We hope you enjoy it! If you would like to, share some information you have found out about these Countries with your teacher on Microsoft Teams!


Happy Holidaying Woodsiders!