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2-3 Year Olds

Welcome to Woodside Primary Academy Nursery 2-3's provision.

Teaching team

Our under 3s provision caters for children between the ages of 2—3 years.

Woodside Primary Academy Nursery forms part of the school’s outstanding provision. The nursery has a dedicated team of experienced leaders, qualified teachers and early years practitioners who provide exceptional care, learning opportunities and personal development for all children. The nursery has an established reputation for ‘high quality’ care and education amongst our current and returning families.

The nursery comprises five nursery classes; for children aged from two to four years old.  We are awaiting the opening of our baby room this term.

  • Responsible Grasshoppers 3 months- 2 years old.
  • Independent Dragonfly & Kind Caterpillar rooms for our children aged 2-3 years old.
  • Confident Ladybird, Honest Bumblebee & Respectful Butterfly classes for our children aged 3-4 years old.

Operating Hours

We offer a wide range of provision to support the needs of all families:

  • Free early educational funded 15 hour places for two year old children (eligibility criteria applies)
  • Free early educational funded 15 hour places for All three year old children
  • Free early educational funded 30 hour places for three year old children (Government Eligibility Criteria applies)
  • Extended wrap around day-care starting from: 7.30am and available to 6.00pm (Fees apply). Call the school for a breakdown of our competitive Fees.

Learning Partners

Parents are encouraged to contribute to their child’s learning from home via the interactive on-line ‘Tapestry App’. Parents are able to add videos, photographs and work samples to their child’s online learning journey.

The nursery team use the ‘Tapestry app’ to create a time map of each child’s learning journey by gathering children’s work samples through:

  • Photographs, video recordings and written observation notes of the children to support planning for each child’s next steps of learning, interests.
  • The learning journey and children’s everyday interests are used to assess each child’s progress while at Woodside. Parents can comment on what is uploaded by the staff team.

Meal Provision

We provide healthy choices for breakfast, lunch, tea-time and mid-day snacks, all freshly prepared daily and cooked on site by our in-house catering team. 

Toy Library

Woodside facilitates Toy Library sessions during term time every:

  • Thursday morning from 9.00 AM until 11.00AM, Thursday afternoon from 1.PM until 3.00 PM Parents and children are welcomed by our friendly staff for a session of fun activities, both indoors and outdoors. 

We provide refreshments & healthy snacks for parents & children and a song & a rhyme time at the end of each session. Come along and enjoy the fun!

Call and book your place prior to each weekly session: 0208 509 4375.

Voluntary contribution of £1.00 per family per session.

Our Curriculum - For children under 3

The under ‘3s’ curriculum focuses on providing experiences and teaching that develops the essential aspects of early child development. It is sequenced to ensure it prepares children for the next stage in their learning journey. It encompasses a focus on the prime areas of learning first, found in the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, learning and development overviews:


  • personal & social development, (PSHE Y1-Y6)
  • physical development, (PE Y1-Y6)
  • communication, language, (Oracy Y1-Y6)


  • mathematics, 
  • Literacy, (English Y1-Y6)
  • understanding the world (History, Geography, RE, Computing Y1-Y6)
  • expressive art & design (Design technology, Drama, Art, Music)

Planning for Learning and Development

At Woodside Primary Academy, we encourage each child to explore and extend their learning through a play based curriculum.

Adults support the children's learning through one to one and small group activities, both inside and outside.

Learning is planned from what we observe the children do whilst they are learning through play and what we know children should ‘typically’ learn at this stage (Our Curriculum). We also plan around children’s interests, fascination and half term topics.

What we do in Kind Caterpillar and Independent Dragonfly?



Staff Team

Kind Caterpillars: Ruby, Zofia, Leah,  Priti, Mihaela, Virginia,  Asiya

Independent Dragonflies: Asiya, Leah, Eufemia, Rehana, Alex, Virginia and Mary

Top Tips - for supporting you child starting

1. Toilet training

When your child starts nursery they may still be in nappies, that’s ok! We are here to help.

2. Hand washing

It is also important to show your child how to wash and dry their own hands, let them be independent.

3. Taking shoes off

This helps your child to gain independence. We encourage all of our children to ‘have a go’ and try to take off their own shoes at nap time.

4. Sharing and being kind

We support children and encourage them to share toys and resources with each other. Please talk to your child about sharing and being kind to others.

5. Drinking from a cup

At meal times your child will use an open cup. If they would like a drink during the session they can help themselves at the water station.

6. Feeding myself

During mealtimes the children are encouraged to feed themselves using a spoon or fork.

7. Sleep time routine

The children have a nap between the times of 12.30 pm and 2.00 pm. Your child will have their own bed with bedding. You may bring a comforter if you wish.

8. Rhyme time

At nursery your child will learn lots of new nursery rhymes, at home you can start by singing simple nursery rhymes such as ‘Twinkle twinkle little star’ or ‘The wheels on the bus.’

9. Story time

It is very important to read with your child daily, you will be given a reading book for your child when they and you can change it weekly.

10. Talking to your child coming to nursery

If you walk along Woodstreet point to the 2-3’s building and talk about things they might do when they come to nursery