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Reach 2

Primary Academy

Week Beginning 4th May


This week we will start the week off with another great mindfulness sessions and we will also be going on exciting adventures, looking at clouds, looking at our emotions and how our body feels. 

Day 1 : Kindness and giving thanks 

In todays session we will be asking ourselves what makes us happy and how we can show kindness. To follow a guided session to help you with this click here 


Day 2: Going on a Safari 

Today we are going on a fun and exciting Safari – What will see or hear?

Are you ready?  Get your child to put on a pretend Safari hat and boots and don’t forget their binoculars!

Go outside on an exciting adventure; try picking up a small rock or touching a plant or flower.

Notice the bugs or birds. Take a moment to kneel down and touch the earth.

Walk mindfully playing close attention to everything. Make sure you walk in silence as you don’t want to attract the bears!

Day 3:  Tense and Release  

 Today we are going to  look at different parts of our body and what happens when you tense and release them. To start this follow the steps below :

  1. Starting at feet, gently squeeze the muscles in the feet by tightening them, then slowly releasing.
  2. Next, squeeze the large muscles in the calves for 5 seconds, then gently release. Working your way up the body, squeeze the thigh muscles for 5 seconds then gently release.
  3. Continue moving up the body for more relaxation. This can include sucking on your tummy for 5 seconds and releasing, tensing our shoulders for 5 seconds and releasing.

Once the exercise is finished, talk about how the body felt before and how it feels now. Also what did you feel when your body was tensing and relaxing

Day 4: Looking at clouds

Can you see the clouds today? Today we are going to do exactly that, look at the fantastic, fluffy clouds in the sky.

This is a great relaxing activity for older and younger kids alike (you might even enjoy it, too!). Pick a day when there are lots of fluffy clouds in the sky and plenty of breeze to move them along.

If you're stuck indoors, you can just look out the window. Otherwise, get settled with a blanket on the grass, and spend a few minutes just watching the clouds pass by.

Point out how the clouds change shape as they move. See if your child can spot any particular shapes among the clouds - animals are always a favourite!

For older kids, you can discuss how clouds in the sky are like the thoughts in our minds. When we're feeling calm, our minds are like a blue sky. Thoughts that come along are like clouds; they soon pass by.

Can you watch the thoughts in your head and let them pass by just like the clouds do?

Day 5: Name that emotion

The first step to helping children manage their emotions is helping them understand what they're feeling.

Today we will be taking some time to discuss different emotions is a fantastic way to help your child become mindfulness pro.

Start by asking them what it feels like when you're happy, sad, scared or angry. For older kids, you can talk about more abstract or complex emotions, such as frustrated, excited or anxious.

You could use flash cards showing different emotions, or discuss pictures in books, to see if your child can tell what the other person might be feeling.

You could also ask your child to compare feelings to other things, such as weather conditions (e.g. happy = sunny), or colours (e.g. angry = red).

This will help to expand your child's emotional vocabulary, so that when you ask them how they're feeling, they can give you - and themselves - a better answer.

Remember to share anything on Facebook and see you next week on zoom at 11am  for Mindfulness Meditation !