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Reach 2

Primary Academy


During this week we will be making magical wands and practising being a shark! We will do lots of creative fun activities to bring mindfulness into our home.

Day 1 : Focus Breathes
You will notice that mindfulness looks a lot at our breathing and breaths, this is an important part of mindfulness and we will be doing this differently today to learn a new way to do this. To get started click here 

Day 2 : Magic Wand
Focusing on the breath is a simple and quick way to introduce little ones to mindfulness. Deep breathing resets our nervous system and acts as a trigger to switch off the stress response. When we breathe slowly and deeply, we send a message to our brain that we are calm, and safe. And so our brain feel calm and safe. Pretty cool right!
Little people do really well with breathing techniques when they have something to focus on and direct their breath towards. Using things like pinwheels, bubbles, or even dandelions is a super helpful (and fun!) way to help kids practice mindful breathing. But if you enjoy getting crafty, you can also make your own special breathing tool!
You will need:
•    Toilet paper or paper towel rolls
•    Some streamers or ribbons (something light weight)
•    Paints or other supplies to decorate your wand
What to do:
Cut a small strip off the top of one toilet paper roll. Stick it to the top of the other in the shape of an arch, and then attach your ribbons to the arch and decorate your wand. When they breathe out, have the kids focus on moving the ribbons on their wand. 

Day 3: Balancing relay
Today’s activity will teach them about focus and body awareness.  To do this activity you will need some easy things you will have laying around at home. 
What you need: A spoon and some water (or a spoon and a potato) per team
Similar to the egg-and-spoon race, this game teaches both focus and body awareness. The idea is to carry a spoon full of water to the next kid without spilling a drop. You can make it into a relay race if you are playing with a group of kids. To take it to the next level, ask your child to walk backwards or sideways while balancing the spoon.

Day 4 :  Traffic light pebbles
Each of the stones and colours represents a different action and step in how your child manages their emotions. When children first start using this, they’ll need some assistance from you. But eventually, they’ll be able to do it on their own, possibly even with a simple “traffic lights” prompt from you.! This is a great activity for helping children regulate their emotions and think about what they could do when they feel a certain way.

You will need :
 3 Pebbles or stones
A permanent pen, felt tips,  paper  and selloptape 
You can either colour the pebbles in red, orange or green or just write red, orange or green and even cut out three small squares of paper and colour them in red, orange and green and stick them on the pebble.

Red = STOP and notice what is happening in your body. Is your heart pounding, do you feel tense, are there butterflies in your tummy?
Orange = ACCEPT and acknowledge how you’re feeling and what you are thinking about. For example, my heart is pounding and I’m feeling nervous. I’m having the thought that others will laugh at me.
Green = ACTION. What’s the plan now? Which tools can you use to help you calm down or manage how you feel? Can you go to your calm down space? Do some mindful breathing? Talk to someone about how you’re feeling?

Day 5 : Shark Fin
The Shark Fin is a fantastic activity that you can use during any quick moment in your day. It will help to create calm, when their minds and bodies may be fighting against them. Now for what you need to do:
•    Place the side of your hand on your forehead, with your palm facing out to the side.
•    Close your eyes.
•    Slide your hand down your face, in front of your nose.
•    Say “shhh” as you slide your hand down your face
•    If you are sitting down, you do the 5 S’s while you move your hand: Sit up straight, sit still, sit silently, soft breathing, shut eyes.
•    If you are standing do the same but you are standing straight, still, silently, using soft breathing and shut eyes while you move your hand down your face.

Have a great week