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Reach 2

Primary Academy



This week we will be filled with lots of hugs, a game of Simon says and eating lots of yummy snacks.  Don’t worry we will be doing this in a special way through mindfulness.

Day 1 :  What does being Kind mean ?

Today we will look at how being kind can feel nice to you and also others.  Can you think of all the kind things you could do for yourself and the people around you.  To practice this mindfulness way of being kind click here 

Day 2 : Snack Attack

This one involves eating again, yummy! Today whilst having your favourite treat, make it a ritual of happiness and thanks. Don’t let a second of pleasure pass you by unnoticed – the scent, how it feels in your hand, against your lips, the flavour on your tongue, the texture as you chew and the sensation as you finally swallow it. Even more delicious when you savour it!

Day 3 : Simon Says

We all know the popular game of Simon says. This is Simon says with a difference and uses both mindful seeing and listening skills. When the leader (the designated Simon) issues their command verbally and then shows what to do visually, children are challenged to pay attention to both visual and auditory input and discern whether or not to act. Simon Says is a fun way to practice mindfulness by paying attention to outer experiences.


Here’s how the game works.

Choose who will take the role of Simon. It’s best if you model first. Next, Simon stands in front of the player(s) and issues instructions for physical actions and shows how to do them.

Remember, you are only allowed to act when the leader says “Simon says” before the instruction.


Players win when they follow an instruction that is said by the phrase “Simon says”.

Players don’t win if they perform the action without the “Simon says” phrase or if they don’t do the action when the phrase “Simon says” is used before the instruction.

If you want keep the game less competitive, you don’t have to eliminate players when they don’t win.

When you play with just one child, you can decide to switch roles when the player has three turns.

It doesn’t matter if you can actually perform the physical tasks, an attempt is enough.

Here are some amusing examples:

Simon says play air guitar. Simon demonstrates playing air guitar.

Simons says waddle like a duck. Simon does a duck impression.

Simon says cry like a baby. Simon cries like a baby.

Simon says freeze. Simon jumps up and down – did you freeze?..

Simon says spin around twice. Simon hops on one leg? – Tricked you.

Ask your child if it was hard or easy to pay attention to the instructions. Was it hard to pay attention to the instructions when they were excited and having fun?

Discuss how paying attention to what we see and hear could be helpful.


Day 4 : Legs up

This is a topsy turvy activity that is also relaxing and great to do when children are feeling restless and unsettled. First you will need to grab a blanket and a pillow, take a seat with your side against the wall and enjoy some time out. Roll onto your back, slide your legs up the wall, arrange the pillow under your head and drape the blanket over you for comfort. Now let your body flop and drop, the whole length of your legs held by the wall. There is nothing to be done right now and nowhere else to be. This is very relaxing, are you ready to give it a try ?

Day 5 : Hug it out

We all love a good cuddle and it’s something we do every day without thinking. Today’s activity is all about cuddles and hoe they can help us feel good. Cuddles are like food for the soul, helping us feel safe and calm. Enjoy building your mindfulness muscles by giving a loving hug your full attention.  Start by hugging someone and just listening and feeling, can you feel your heart beating, wrapped up in care? Tell yourself or your child: you are safe, you are loved and you are held.