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Reach 2

Primary Academy


Day 1 : How to remain calm

Today we will be focusing on our peaceful breaths to remain calm and still. This is great if you need to relax. To follow the guided meditation please click here  

Day 2: Bubble balloons
 Today we are going to play with balloons as gently as a butterfly. This is similar to the classic don't-let-the-balloons-touch-the-ground game, but with a twist!
If you don’t have any balloons, find some plastic bags and fill them with air (don’t tie the handles) and let them float to the ground. See if your child can gently touch them before all the air comes out.
To encourage your child to be mindful of their movements, ask them to pretend that the balloons are fragile bubbles, so you can only touch them very gently.
If your little one gets overexcited, gently remind them that they should only touch the bubbles lightly. This will help them to recognise when their emotions are getting the better of them.

Day 3: What can you feel?
This is a sensory game is perfect for children of any age and is great for you to join in as well.
 First take a bag or box, and fill it full of child-safe objects with different textures and sizes.
You could include soft toys, smooth balls, crinkly tin foil, rough stones, fluffy cotton wool, rubbery rubbers, tickly feathers - the options are endless!
Now ask your child to place their hand in the bag or box, no peeking or cheating and choose an item and describe how it feels, then get them to guess what it is. For extra fun you can take scores on correct guesses. 

Day 4: Blowing bubbles
Blowing bubbles is a timeless favourite, but it's also a great chance to practice mindfulness.
 So today we are going to ask your child to focus all their attention on taking a nice big, deep breath, then blowing out slowly to fill the bubble steadily.
Encourage them to watch the bubbles carefully as they form, then watch to see where they go.
Don’t worry if you don’t have a bubble set, pour warm water in a bowl and then add some washing up liquid, dip your hands in and blow and watch the bubbles appear.
See who can make the biggest bubble in one breath!

Day 5: Counting heartbeats
This is a great way to show kids how their body responds to different situations.
First, choose a time when they're relatively calm. Show them how to put their hand on their heart, and encourage them to count their heartbeats.
Older kids can count how many times their heart beats in a minute, while younger kids can just notice the general rhythm of their heart.
Next, get them running around or doing jumping jacks to get their heart pumping. Then repeat the exercise, noting how much faster their heart is beating now.
Once your child is familiar with their resting heartbeat, you can also get them to check it when they're feeling excited or anxious, to see how it changes.

 Have a great week and remember to share anything via Facebook or Twitter!