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Reach 2

Primary Academy

School FAQs

Why have the school made changes to regular routines and systems this year? Why do things keep changing?

The country is currently in a pandemic (Covid-19). The government continue to update the guidance for the country and in particular schools to follow. The school continue to review and make changes based on government guidance; parent feedback and what the school can see will make the school community safer. (See government guidance below)


Why must I wear a mask to line up at the gate or if I come on to the school playground?

We are trying to reduce the risk of Cocid-19 transmission and therefore keep the Woodside and local community, as safe as possible.


Why are Year 1 parents now dropping off their children at the school gate?

We are currently finding that the Year 2/ Year 3 drop off gate, where parents are not coming on site in the mornings, is far less congested than the other two gates being used by Reception/Year 1 parents. Staggered start times and drop offs at the gate, with staff in the playground to supervise, guide and direct children means that less parents congregate outside.


My child is in Y1, will I be able to watch my child from the gate as they walk in?

For the safety of our school community and the wider community we ask that once you have dropped your child off at their designated gate, you leave the premises quickly. We understand you may be anxious but staff will be on hand to guide and direct children to their lines and to their class teacher who will be present on the playground. This is what the children are used to doing after break time and lunch time each day.


What if I have a child in Y1 and other year groups to on Forest site?

If you have children in Y1 as well as in Y2 or Y3. Please drop off your children at the gates and your child/ren in Y2 or Y3, can go straight to their class as usual.


What if my child is still unsettled or feeling upset?

We understand that children are still adapting to life back at school after such a long absence. Staff that are familiar to your children will be present in the playground to provide support. It will also help if you speak to your child about the new routine so that they are prepared.


How will I communicate with my child’s class teacher if I do not see them in the morning and/or my child goes to After School Club?

Please call the school office to leave a message or email the school. Your message will be passed on to your child’s class teacher.


How will my child manage all of their belongings?

Staff will be available to support with scooters and bikes. Children are currently carrying their own belongings from their line to their classroom and out again at the end of the day. If they require any support crossing the playground, staff will be on hand.


What if my child has individual needs, which means that they are unable to adapt to change in routine and/or walk unassisted?

If this relates to your child, you will be contacted individually.


Am I able to enter the playground to collect my child at the end of the day?

Yes, collection will remain the same for the time being with parents accessing the playground through the gates they currently use. We ask that all parents/carers wear a face covering, arrive at the latest collection time and vacate the playground as soon as possible.


What will happen if it rains, are parents/carers still expected to queue outside?

Please arrive as near to your allocated slot as possible. This will reduce wait times. Please bring appropriate over coats and umbrellas for your children and yourself. Parents will not be permitted to come in to the school to collect.



Please check the school website, FACEBOOK and your emails for regular updates.