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Reach 2

Primary Academy

RW (Willow)

Welcome to RW!


Our teachers are Mrs Talbot & Miss Hernandez. Our EYP is Ms Boekman and our LSA is Miss Rayson. You can find us on Forest Site.


In RW we are leaders of our own learning who try our best. We are a class of thinkers, explorers, inventors and risk takers. We show respect, we are honest and we are kind to one another.


In our class, we will be following the 7 Habits of Effective Children. We will be proactive by taking charge of our learning journey and showing independence.  We will synergise with our friends because we work better together. We will try to seek first to understand then to be understood by listening carefully without interrupting our teachers and our friends.


This year we will be building our phonics knowledge which will support us with all our reading and writing. Reading every day at home and in school is crucial to becoming confident, successful readers and writers with a love for books!  A story can ignite our imaginations and transport us to magical, colourful worlds!


In maths, we will be learning and working with numbers to and beyond 20! We will use exciting resources to become more confident in identifying, ordering, adding and subtracting numbers. We will explore number, shapes, measurement, patterns, time and money in our learning and in our play.


This year, our health and well-being is our top priority. We will not only be keeping our hands clean and staying safe, but we will also take time everyday for mindfulness. Our mindful sessions will help us identify, process and take charge of our moods and feelings. Mindfulness can help us pay more attention, be calmer, be kinder but also to rest and relax.


You mindset is your superpower. With the right attitude, we can do amazing things. Mistakes are NOT the enemy. They help us learn. This year, RW will focus on building this positive learning attitude so they can overcome any challenge that comes their way.