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Reach 2

Primary Academy

Enrichment Centre

The school has just opened its new £500,000 Enrichment Block which will offer further opportunities to enrich our children's learning.  This centre hosts:

A purpose-built food technology centre for an entire class

An animation studio, drone flying and coding room

Art/Design and technology space

Science Lab for 60 pupils

Our outside orchard garden area, which consists of 18 garden plots growing fruit and vegetables, teaching our pupils about the journey of food; from garden to plate.

The Food Technology Centre will support the vision that every pupil will cook a new recipe every half term so that by the time they finish Year 6, they will have 36 recipes with which to support their own healthy lifestyle.  We intend to hold regular parent-child cooking classes to support our families in creating healthy, cost-effective meal.  This is further supported by the Executive Chef of the Ivy (Gary Lee) who works alongside the school to build upon this vision.