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Reach 2

Primary Academy

Creepy crawly learning with the Bug Man...

Spiders and insects and snakes…oh my!  Year 3 had a very exciting week this week!  On Tuesday we had a rainforest day.  We moved around the classrooms taking part in different activities based around our topic.  We ate exotic fruits with Miss Wylde and Mr Santos, did dance with Mrs Cooper and Mr Durrant and made animal masks with Miss French.  We were also visited by The Bugman who brought with him a range of creepy crawlies and animals which are found in the rainforest.  Lots of children (and teachers) were very scared but everyone was very brave and some extremely brave children even managed to hold the animals!


We began by looking at insects found in the rainforest.  These included two different types of stick insect and a leaf insect; both of which had amazing camouflage.  We also saw a tarantula, scorpion, leaf cockroaches and some African millipedes which had 280 legs!  We also got to look at reptiles such as a chameleon, an iguana and two different types of snakes.  Lots of children held the snakes even though they were scary:

“The snake was really soft.  I felt scared but it was actually alright.”  Gergo, 3W

“When I was holding the snake around my neck with Miss Evans I felt a bit worried but I am glad I did it.”  Aylin, 3S

It was an amazing day for everyone and we cannot wait to write our thank you letters to The Bugman next week.